Cement Plants

In cement plants, SOLVAir® Select sodium sorbents effectively help reduce SO2, SO3 and HCl, and, additionally, provide some reduction in NOx

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Cement manufacturing involves large volumes of raw materials (lime, clay, schist and marl) and an intensive use of energy to achieve the transformation reaction of these materials into clinkers. The resulting pollutants in the flue gas consist essentially of dust, SO2, NOx and HCl. They come from fuels (fossil or alternative) but also from raw materials such as sulfur contained in limestone.

SOLVAir Select trona or sodium bicarbonate when used in Dry Sorbent Injection systems can effectively treat flue gas emissions in cement plants.  The benefits of using SOLVAir Select products include low capital expense, small installation footprint, ease of operation and extreme flexibility in fuel changes.  

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