Hg (Mercury)

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Mercury is a toxic, persistent pollutant that accumulates in the food chain. While fossil fuel-fired power plants are the largest remaining source of human-generated mercury emissions in the United States, they contribute only a small amount (about 1%) of total annual mercury emissions worldwide.

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The SOLVAir Approach

When used as a dry sorbent injected into a baghouse or exhaust duct, SOLVAir Select 200 trona quickly reacts with SO3, which competes with Hg for active sites on the surface of activated carbon and fly ash particles. Removal of SO3can lead to adsorption of Hg on the unburned carbon in the fly ash or better efficiency out of PAC.

Select 200 has been shown to aid in the removal of 20-70% mercury when used alone, and up to 97% when used in combination with activated carbon. Similar results were obtained with sodium bicarbonate in Europe.


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